Holsters & Carrier FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our Holsters & Magazine Carriers

Types of IWB Holsters: We offer four different types of IWB holsters: the AIWB Holster, the Small of Back IWB Holster, the Tuckable IWB Holster and the standard IWB Holster.
The AIWB Holster, or Appendix Carry Inside the Waistband Holster, is intended to be worn in front of the body near the appendix position, located at 10:30-2:30 o'clock. This holster has a slim, minimalist design and is best paired with a mid ride, straight draw.

The Small of Back IWB Holster is intended to be worn at the small of back, between 7-5 o'clock, and can be draw with your palm facing in (Palm In) or palm facing out (Palm Out). If your preferred draw is palm facing in, you'll want any ride height paired with a forward cant angle.


If your preferred draw is palm facing out, you'll want a high ride with a reverse cant angle. Do NOT pair a reverse cant angle with anything other than a high ride!

The Tuckable IWB Holster is the ultimate in concealed inside the waistband carry. This holster allows the carrier to tuck the shirt in over the holstered firearm. Instead of using a single flimsy piece of injection molded plastic to act as both a shirt tuck and belt clip, we use a tuckable plate paired with our hand crafted belt attachments for the most durable tuckable holster on the market.

The Standard IWB Holster is the perfect catch all to any conventional or non conventional IWB Holster you can think of. The IWB Holster has all of our custom options available. If you intend to carry at the hip or slightly behind, the most common specs are a mid ride with a 7.5° or 15° forward cant angle.


Types of OWB Holsters: We offer three types of Outside the Waistband Holsters: the Custom OWB Holster, the RMR Cut OWB Holster, and the Action Sport Holster.
The Custom OWB Holster has everything covered. Literally, the entire holster, sight channel, magazine release and trigger are covered- as it should be with any holster. With this holster, your gun is protected from the elements for outside the waistband carry. 

The RMR Cut OWB Holster is specifically designed for firearms with optics mounted to the top of the slide. The holster has the essentials covered, with a hand cut space on the rear top of the slide to perfectly clear your red dot sight. A picture may be needed for this type of holster.

The Action Sport Holster fits outside the waistband, designed for the quickest draw while maintaining legality for most common competitive shooting divisions. Featuring two types of ejection port cut outs, this holster is the best option for the range or those who participate in IDPA style matches.


Duty Holsters: We offer two types of duty holsters for carriers who require more than one level of retention: the Level II Duty Holster and the Level III Duty holster.
The Level II Duty Holster offer two levels of retention: the first level is our Military Grade Rubber Retention System, found on all of the Dara Products, the second level of retention is our ever reliable Thumb Throw System. This system consists of a manually rotating hood, held in the upward position by a molded detent, similar to the feel of the tight operating safety on an AR-15 variant rifle. This holster is perfect for anyone who is required by company or department policy to carry with an extra level of retention, for those in any type of security business, or those who chose to open carry and do not want to risk having their firearm taken by an attacker.

The Level III Duty Holster is intended for Military/Law Enforcement only. The Level III Retention Holster comes with the Adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System, the Thumb Throw System, and an Ejection Port Locking System. The Ejection Port Locking System requires the grip-located snap release button to be broken and the firearm rocked backwards to be drawn out. The Level III Duty Holster is made using the real firearm, which is why there are so little firearm options offered. We do not want to risk creating a holster that an officer's life may depend on, from a defective gun mold.


Light-bearing Holsters: All of our Custom holsters can be made to accommodate any of the light/lasers from our drop down menu, with exception of our Level III Duty Holster.


Pancake style Holsters? No.

Viridian Green Laser Instant On: All custom holsters that allow for light/laser attachments have the option for ECR (Enhance Combat Readiness). Our ECR is delivered by a (Ni) plated N48 grade Neodymium magnet. Our ECR magnet is permanently fastened to the inside of our holsters using Stainless Steel hardware, instead of glued in and waiting to fall out like all the other guys.


Muzzle Coverage: We offer three levels of muzzle coverage for our outside the waistband holsters: flush, slight wrap and full wrap. The "flush" muzzle coverage will have the end of the holster ending at the end of the muzzle. The "slight wrap" option has the holster wrapping slightly around the edges of the muzzle. The "full wrap" has the holster covering the edges and extending to almost fully cover the end of the muzzle, with just a slight opening. All inside the waistband holsters have a slight muzzle coverage.


Mouth Flare: We offer two levels of holster mouth flare: slight flare and full flare. The holster mouth flare does not increase risk of printing. It is a slight flare that opens up the mouth of the holster to aid in re-holstering your firearm. The flare is not necessary and only ever recommended when you have a rail mounted light/laser attachment.


Ride Height & Cant Angle: With any Custom Holster you may choose your own ride height and cant angle. The illustration below will show you what our more common angle look like with each ride height. The red line indicated the top of belt.


Magazine Carriers: Made using the specific magazine for a perfect fit. Most magazine will not be interchangeable with a Dara Mag Carrier.

Bullet Orientation: We offer the choice of bullets forward or bullets back for each magazine carrier. The most common taught method is bullets forward, which is what we recommend.

Light/Laser Attachments: **If your selected light/laser requires a picture to be sent in, please send the picture to attachments@daraholsters.com