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Aluminum Magazine Base Plate

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Improve reloading speeds with our extended magazine base plate. 

Does not add extra rounds but adds weight and length to assist in faster removal and easier insertion. The Glockstore extended aluminum magazine base plates weigh 39.5 grams compared to 3.5 grams of the factory original plastic base plate. This added weight helps them drop free faster and more consistently. And, now you can color coordinate to match your other accessories or be able to spot your magazines at a glance.
The Glockstore extended aluminum magazine base plates are machined in the USA out of a solid block of aluminum. We make them so that they are solid and do not add any additional rounds. Many shooters requested this for the added weight. 

Available to fit all 9/.40/.357 Glocks except the G36/G42/G43.
Available in six colors - Silver, Red, Pink, Blue, Gold and Black