17th Oct 2018

Best Appendix Carry Holster for Women

Check out the Dara Slick Side AIWB Holster for Concealed Carry! Featuring a slim, tuckable clip that slips between the buckle and first belt loop. As women's pants are made differently than men's, with less room for the buckle and the belt cl…

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12th Oct 2018

NEW Diamondback AM2

Diamondback AM2   UNRIVALED PROTECTION After countless hours of research and development, Diamondback is ready to unveil our latest firearm the AM2. The AM2 is the perfect option for those that do not want to sacrifice the…

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10th Oct 2018

OWB Carry Holsters

Outside the Waistband Holsters! Our OWB Holsters are the best on the Market. Here's why:Pr…

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