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Posted by Dara Holsters on 27th Feb 2018

Adjustable Cant Angle Mag Carriers for Competition

Competition Mag Carriers with Adjustable Cant Angle for Speedy Reloads. See how Michelle Waldran, from Team Walther, carriers her Dara Holsters Competition Mag Carriers below:

The OWB Single Mag Carrier with Adjustable Cant Angle gives you the full range of cants from a 0° straight draw to +/-30°. Our Mag Carriers fit perfectly to your exact magazine model, with adjustable retention for a perfect draw. Each carrier is made using the actual magazine, not a replica.

OWB Mag Carrier for Competition

Mag Carrier with Adjustable Cant Angle

Competition Mag Carrier

Each Mag Carrier was designed with speed and functionality in mind. Our lower profile design allows for more real estate on your competition belt, while the adjustable cant angle allows for a comfortable position that won't impede your practiced draw stroke. 

For more information about our Adjustable Cant Mag Carriers, check out the product page, here.

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