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Posted by Dara Holsters on 27th Jun 2018

What is a Holster Claw?

There's been a lot of talk lately about holster claws, but unless you've done a ton of research and/or keep up with the firearm or concealed carry industry lingo- how the heck are you supposed to k …

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Posted by Dara Holsters on 6th Jun 2018

IWB Holster Curved Clips™

Our NEW patent pending Curved Clip™ are now available in colors!The Curved Clip™ is the first clip of its kind to mimic the curve of the waistline, offering 100% clip-to-belt contact while carrying co …

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Mother's Day Special

Posted by Dara Holsters on 7th May 2018

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day Special: $10 off MTO Slick Side Holsters (Made to Order)$10 off all Made to Order Slick Side Holsters. These holsters typically ship within 5 business days, but please give us a few extra …

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