Posted by Dara Holsters on 17th Oct 2018

Best Appendix Carry Holster for Women

Check out the Dara Slick Side AIWB Holster for Concealed Carry! Featuring a slim, tuckable clip that slips between the buckle and first belt loop. As women's pants are made differently than men's, …

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Posted by Dara Holsters on 14th Jun 2018

Father's Day Weekend Sale 2018

Use code "FATHERSDAY" to save 15% off the entire weekend!HOT SALE ITEM: $35 IWB HOLSTERS <(COUPON CODE NOT VALID ON THIS ITEM) Shop our Most Popular IWB Holsters: …

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Posted by Dara Holsters on 25th May 2018

Tuckable Holsters

Featured Products of the Week: Tuckable Holsters! The ability to tuck your shirt in over your holstered …

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