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New Firearm Options Available for Pre-Order

Posted by Dara Holsters on 21st Jan 2021

New Firearm Options now available for Pre-Order:CZ P10s + Streamlight TLR-1CZ P10c + Streamlight TLR-1CZ P10f + Streamlight TLR-1FN 509 + TLR-7 (fits MRD & Compact)Glock 40 MOS + Surefire X300U-A/BPolymer80 PF940C V2 G19 Slide + Streamlight TLR-1Polymer80 PF940 V2 G17 Slide + Streamlight TLR-1Po …

Custom Holster Lead Time: Cut the Line

Posted by Dara Holsters on 18th Oct 2019

Need a Holster for your Concealed Carry Gun like yesterday? No problem. Our Custom Holster lead time may be 1.5 weeks right now, but there are ways to get your holster faster. We'll show you how... In Stock, Ready to Ship Holsters: …

Solved: Quality Minimalist Holsters that are Affordable

3rd Jun 2019

Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on garbage holsters. Many of us seasoned Concealed Carriers have coined the saying "Buy once, Cry once" when it comes to purchasing holsters, having gone through a holster at every price point until we've finally learned that you actually do get what you pay f …