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Glock 19 with O-Light PL-Mini

Posted by Dara Holsters on 5th Dec 2018

Check out our Holster options for the Glock 19 with O-Light PL-Mini. Above is our Optic cut Light bearing OWB Holster. This holster can be highly customized to accommodate your after market modifications. Optics, suppressor height sights, suppressor-ready firearms, extended controls- we've g …

The Double Loop: the Most Versatile OWB Belt Attachment

Posted by Dara Holsters on 25th Oct 2018

The Double Loop Belt AttachmentThe Double Loop is one of our most recently launched product upgrades. After months of testing and designing, these USA made belt attachments finally hit the market- with a huge welcoming surge of sales!Features: Two points of contact to the belt.The most prominent fe …