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Most Popular Holsters of 2021

Posted by Dara Holsters on 8th Jun 2021

Most Popular Holsters of 2021: Take a look at the Drop Offset Action Sport Holster, our Light bearing Level 2 Duty Holster, the ALQD Mounted Holster and the Light bearing OWB Holster. With the Shooting Sports season in full swing, our OWB Holsters and Competition Holsters …

Light Bearing Custom OWB Holsters

Posted by Dara Holsters on 24th Oct 2018

A Comprehensive List of Dara Light bearing OWB Holsters We can accommodate all of the following Light/Laser combinations. If you don't see your combination, chances are- we do not yet offer it as an option. If we don't offer your exact set up, send us an e-mail requesting that combination. …

Do You Change Your Carry Methods During Colder Weather?

Posted by Dara Holsters on 25th Sep 2018

Cooler Weather Approaches. How will this effect your carry methods? While the lower half of the country doesn't experience much of a change in seasons, the mid and upper half gets a pretty decent Winter. This brings out the big guns- literally. Colder weather means outerwear, which means you …