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SIG P365 + P365 XL with Light/Laser Holsters

Posted by Dara Holsters on 29th Jul 2019

Tons of Options now Available for the P365 & P365 XLNew for Pre-Order: SIG P365 + LIMA365 SIG P365 XL + LG-422/422G SIG P365 XL + LIMA365 SIG P365 XL + TLR-6 Now Available to Order: SI …

NEW: Sig P365 XL IWB Holsters

Posted by Dara Holsters on 25th Jul 2019

Check out our Ready to Ship P365XL Holster: The best IWB Holsters on the Market! In stock and ready to ship. Our Sig P365 XL IWB Holsters feature our patented 1.5" Curved Clip. This holster clip is designed to mimic the curve of the waistband while on the belt, offering 100% conta …