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New Paddle Attachments

Posted by Dana on 27th Jul 2018

New & Improved Paddle Attachments from Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc. These newly designed Paddles lock onto the belt, providing more stability than ever from an easy on/off solution.  Check out our Instagram and Facebook for videos and demos! A post shared by Da …

IWB Holsters, Modular Appendix Righ, and a Paddle Holster

Posted by Dana on 5th Apr 2017

Here are some of our latest posts on social media. Above are two Custom IWB Holsters in the Cordovan Leather Texture: though they look a bit orange due to the lighting. The top holster is a right handed holster for the Glock 19, and the bottom is a left handed holster for the Glock 26. Here is our O …
OWB Attachment Package

OWB Attachment Package

Posted by Dana on 5th Oct 2016

We now offer an OWB Attachment Package featuring all of our OWB Holster attachment options!This package comes with the Double Belt Loop, a favorite amongst Law Enforcement, Military and Competitive Shooters, the Single Loop Attachment, the standard for OWB Holsters, and the Paddle attachment for an …
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