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Win with Walther Arms!

Win with Walther Arms!

Posted by Dana on 22nd Mar 2017

Have you heard? You could win cash by winning with a Walther!

Have a Walther pistol? Make sure you get the right gear to win! Check out some of our competition holsters below:

Michelle Waldran Dara Action Sport Holster

Custom Race Holster for Competitive Shooting

Drop Offset Holster

From Walther:


Looks like you’re serious about winning some of this Prize money! You’re in the right place!
It’s EXTREMELY simple to participate.
The Rules:
You MUST place using a Walther pistol.
You MUST email with proof of your placement and a picture of your winning smile while holding the Walther Pistol you used to win!
Below is a list of events that you can shoot to try to win some of this Cash.

See for more details!