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Concealed Carry Package

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The Concealed Carry Package is the perfect package for both first time concealed carriers and seasoned carriers who are looking to purchase a quality, comfortable IWB Holster set up. This package comes with the ever-popular Custom Inside the Waistband Holster, built from the ground up with your specifications and an Inside the Waistband Single Mag Carrier. The Concealed Carry Package comes with everything you need to carry your everyday carry pistol and a single magazine carrier for times when you may need back up. The IWB Holster itself is designed with concealment in mind, with a slim profile and single belt clip. The retention is completely adjustable on both the concealment holster and mag carrier. The holster also features a full sweatshield to protect your body from the hard edges of your carry gun, and also features a covered trigger guard and magazine release.

- 1 IWB Holster
- 1 IWB Single Mag Carrier

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Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in fitment issue.
For Recommended cant angles/ride heights click 'other details' below.

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Concealed Carry Package

Product Reviews

Written by Ken on 1st Jun 2018

Conceal carry package

This is a great product. I will be making another purchase. The holster and mag carrier fit perfect. The standard belt clip fits my belt snugly. In case I have to draw my gun the holster won't move with my draw.

Written by Steve on 20th Oct 2017

Great IWB Holster

Both the holster and mag pouch are slim and unobtusive when worn. Might be the skinniest holster I have. Hardly know it’s there! Hats off to you folks at DARA for making a great product.

Written by Tim on 17th Oct 2017

Awesome as Usual

This is my 4th holster form DARA. This is for a SA Range Officer Elite Compact. Due to the notes on my order customer service contacted me and we decided that they would form this from a 4" Kimber with an ambidextrous safety. The fit is exact, the quality of the Kydex is excellent and the retention is phenomenal as always. Great job Dara!

Written by Casey on 30th Aug 2017

Good product, back showcase

I just got this holster and I love it. The only problem I have is that the options are not clear. For some that may not be a problem, but as my first ever holster, I'm not experienced enough to know what some of the options are. I did a bit of research to find out what would work for me, but I'm not sure if I even fully understand what all of these options were. It would be nice to have some pictures, that's all. 5/5 product 3/5 presentation

Written by J.Lo on 11th Aug 2017

Glock 43 carry package

It's Dara quality as usual. I own the 42 kit as well and must say these guys know how to make proper kydex holsters. Fit and Finnish is second to none. Well done.

Written by Rodney on 14th Jul 2017

Concealed Carry Package Walther PPS M2

This was my first purchase with DARA and I am not disappointed. The visual quality is excellent and the retention is good. In my particular case I may have needed to order the "High Ride" to better fit my body type. The mag carrier, for me, is not easy to get on but disappears once it is in place. Good product.

Written by Jack on 27th Jun 2017

Great Product

I have ordered four holsters, the workmanship is great. I use them all the time. easy to draw and reholster,

Written by undefined on 14th May 2017

My XDS Holster

I received the holster you made for my XDS and it's everything you said it would be. I want to thank you for doing such a fine job it was worth the wait.

Written by Sean on 15th Apr 2017


This is my first time purchasing an iwb holster. I was concerned that because of my size i wouldnt be able to carry comfortably on my person everyday but boy was i wrong. Everything about this product screams quality, comfort, and most importantly accessibility. Turn around time was a bit much, but for what you receive it more than makes up for it. I dont carry a spare mag daily but i do use the added mag holster when im at the range and it performs incredibly. I will be recommending DARA to evryone i know looking for a holster. This will not be my last purchase with DARA Holsters thats for sure! Thanks guys!

Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2017

Did not disappoint.

Bespoke gun rig, requiring time and money, should i take an internet chance? Did not have prior knowledge. Site seemed reassuring. Did not disappoint upon arrival. Fit,finish,performance all met my expectations. Would not hesitate to order again, should the need arise.

Written by tyler hallman on 7th Mar 2017


This holster is by far the best I have had in a long time. Some of the things I love is that it's slim, it holds the gun really good. I have yet to have a complaint about this holster. If I had to recommend a holster to someone it would definitely be this one!!

Written by Brooks on 4th Mar 2017

Very high quality and good looking!

I'm not big on reviews, but I'm extremely happy with this combo. The IWB holster looks and feels great. A lot of attention to detail and quality. I have a Glock 43 with the TLR-6 attachment and this holster fits perfectly with good, adjustable retention. The magazine holster also fits perfectly and is just as well made. If you're shopping around for a quality product, I highly recommend Dara. Also, my wife ordered the same holster for her Sig P938 and it is just as perfect.