IWB - Glock 43 Holster

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Firearm: GLOCK 43


Draw Hand: RIGHT HAND Left Handed? Click here!

Color: BLACK

Belt Attachment: 1.5" CLIP

Belt Attachment Color: BLACK

Cant Angle: 7.5°

Ride Height: MID

The Best Holster for the Glock 43. Fits Inside the Waistband, made from .093" Kydex and fastened with Meloniteand Zinc coated hardened steel hardware. Comes with a lifetime Warranty!

Glock 43 IWB Holster

Product Reviews

Written by Zach on 8th Aug 2017

Repeat Customer

This is my second Dara holster. The first was for my Wather Q5 w/RMR and light. Both holsters are phenomenal. I already have 2 more on order.

Written by Mary Anne on 26th Jul 2016

Gotta consider DARA holsters!

The DARA holster is perfect for me. Comfortable and the gun is held securely. Love this holster. I would highly recommend this product.

Written by Chris Walker on 24th Jun 2016

Great quality and Great fit!

After carrying a Raven concealment holster for many years I was very sceptical about venturing into other brands. I wanted a IWB for my new G43 and the search began. I scoured the internet for what I thought was good quality holsters that had all the features that I wanted. Little did I know,everyone and their brother seem to be making Kydex holsters! I pretty much chose Dara because of price and looks. After ordering,I was rather nervous about getting a piece of useless plastic in the mail. About a week later and it was in my mailbox! As soon as I opened the package I was impressed! Look and feel is just as good if not better than those folks that put a $100 price tag on their holsters. The holster fits my G43 like a glove and has superb retention. After about ten minutes of being tucked away in my waistband,I can't even tell it's there! I highly recommend Dara holsters to anyone that's in the market for a superior quality Kydex IWB holster. Thanks guys!

Written by Rickey B. on 13th Apr 2016


It holds my Glock 43 secure and the belt clip is very strong I am pleased with this product so far.

Written by Jeff on 1st Apr 2016

Great IWB G43 Holster

This is a great IWB holster for the G43. It's easy enough to put on and take off, yet very secure when in use. Perfect fit for the G43.

Written by undefined on 27th Jan 2016

Great holster

Great holster! Holds my Glock 43 very well. Great fit and finish.

Written by FFV on 5th Nov 2015

Awesome IWB holster for Glock 43

This is a great IWB holster. It is comfortable, re-holstering is smooth and easy. It custom fits the gun like a glove. DARA Holsters makes a great IWB holster for a great price. Hopefully, the gun magazine writing crowd will write about it so that more people can become aware of and enjoy this quality product. As you can tell, I love the IWB holster for the Glock 43 so much, I also ordered two more holsters from DARA.

Written by Michael A. on 31st Jul 2015

Excellent Holster

This is one of the best holsters that I have personally owned. Great material, lightweight, and slim fit for IWB concealment.

Written by Mark B. on 5th Jun 2015

Glock 43 Kydex holster- Excellent.

I have been carrying handguns for 25+ years (military and civilian LEO); this holster (while a little pricey based on the raw cost of the materials) fit my Glock 43 (for which there were not many holster options available when the Glock 43 first came out) perfectly. I purchased the IWB holster and it fits and rides better than many comparable Galco kydex holsters I have been using for years. Just the right amount of retention too. Time to upgrade my Glock 17 and 26 holsters to the Dara IWB.

Written by Matt on 16th May 2015

everything i wanted in a iwb

These are all obvious things to have in a holster, but their "stock" G43 iwb holster has them all: -The cant is perfect -The depth is as deep as you can get while still easily being able to get your fingers around the grip -Being made of only kydex makes it as thin as possible and allows for easy reholstering -the clip is tight and wide and being made of plastic protects my belt and pants - price is outstanding for the quality

Written by undefined on 16th May 2015

nice holster for $43

I jumped on one right away at the $43 sale. It seems well made and is fairly comfortable