Holsters & Carrier FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our Holsters & Magazine Carriers

Premium Kydex Color Selection:


Does the RMR cut OWB Holster accept my Vortex Venom?
Yes, it will accept any Optic.

I have a threaded barrel, what do I choose for muzzle coverage?
Choose whichever coverage you'd prefer. BUT- in the Custom Notes section at the bottom of the order form, let us know that you have a threaded barrel and the technician will work with it.

I have suppressor height sights, can you accommodate them?
Yes, the RMR cut holsters already accommodate taller sights, but put those details in the Custom Notes section at the bottom of the order form anyways.

Which Belt Attachment is best for me?
The most common belt attachment for IWB Holsters is the Clip or "Clip Over".

For OWB Holsters, the Single Loop is most common, however the Double Loop is our recommended attachment as it allows you to adjust the cant angle and ride height of the holster.


Kydex Holster Belt Attachments:



Pancake style Holsters? No.

Viridian Green Laser Instant On: All custom holsters that allow for light/laser attachments have the option for ECR (Enhance Combat Readiness). Our ECR is delivered by a (Ni) plated N48 grade Neodymium magnet. Our ECR magnet is permanently fastened to the inside of our holsters using Stainless Steel hardware, instead of glued in and waiting to fall out like all the other guys.


Muzzle Coverage: We offer three levels of muzzle coverage for our outside the waistband holsters: flush, slight wrap and full wrap. The "flush" muzzle coverage will have the end of the holster ending at the end of the muzzle. The "slight wrap" option has the holster wrapping slightly around the edges of the muzzle. The "full wrap" has the holster covering the edges and extending to almost fully cover the end of the muzzle, with just a slight opening. All inside the waistband holsters have a slight muzzle coverage.


Mouth Flare: We offer two levels of holster mouth flare: slight flare and full flare. The holster mouth flare does not increase risk of printing. It is a slight flare that opens up the mouth of the holster to aid in re-holstering your firearm. The flare is not necessary and only ever recommended when you have a rail mounted light/laser attachment.


Ride Height & Cant Angle: With any Custom Holster you may choose your own ride height and cant angle. The illustration below will show you what our more common angle look like with each ride height. The red line indicated the top of belt.

Magazine Carriers: Made using the specific magazine for a perfect fit. Most magazine will not be interchangeable with a Dara Mag Carrier.

Bullet Orientation: We offer the choice of bullets forward or bullets back for each magazine carrier. The most common taught method is bullets forward, which is what we recommend.

Light/Laser Attachments: **If your selected light/laser requires a picture to be sent in, please send the picture to attachments@daraholsters.com