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Holsters & Carrier FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our Holsters & Magazine Carriers

          Material & Colors

Most Holsters made with .093" thick material in the following colors:










 TUNGSTEN GREYiwb-tungsten.jpg  




Duty Holsters are made with .125" thick material in the following colors:


Coyote Brown

Black Carbon Fiber Texture


Do you line your Holsters with any kind of cloth or suede?
We do not.


Will the Optic cut OWB Holsters or Optic cut IWB Holsters accept my optic?
Yes, our Optic cut Standard Retention Holsters will accept any slide mounted Optic. Any concerns? Please send us a picture of your firearm, so we can make the optic cut as accurate as possible!

Will my dovetail mounted optic fit in the Duty Holster?

No. Our Duty Holsters are designed to successfully work with milled slides, or the factory mounting plates. The hood will NOT clear optics mounted on after market mounting plates or dove tail mounting plates. Furthermore, certain larger optics, ie: Aimpoint Acro, are too large to clear the rotating hood. If you have any questions, please email us a picture of your optic.

Can you cover the optic within the holster?

No. There are too many optics varying in size to make a holster that covers all.

I have suppressor height sights, can you accommodate them?
Yes, on each Holster order form there is a check box where you can inform us of your Suppressor Height Sights. Our Optic cut Holsters will automatically come with an upgraded sight channel, measuring .47" tall. If your front sight is taller, please let us know.

          Threaded Barrels / Compensators / Suppressors


I have a threaded barrel, what do I choose for muzzle coverage?

There are currently two options for muzzle coverage: Standard for non threaded barrel pistols, and Threaded Barrel Exposed for pistols with a threaded barrel. Neither options cover the thread protector.

Can you accommodate my compensator?

Maybe! If the dimensions do not exceed that of the slide/frame then we should be able to accommodate you. Please note that you do have a compensator and if you'd like it left exposed or covered within the holster. If your comp exceeds the dimensions of the gun it will not fit the holster. Custom holsters are non refundable.

Can you make holsters for Suppressors?

Not at this time. 

          Belt Attachments

Which Belt Attachment is best for me?
The most common belt attachment for IWB Holsters is the Clip or "Clip Over" option. Our 1.5" Clips in Black, OD Green and Coyote Brown have been replaced with our new Curved Clips.

For OWB Holsters, the Double Loop is our recommended attachment as it allows you to adjust the cant angle and ride height of the holster.


Please note: Our hole pattern is proprietary. Our products will not readily adapt to any other system.


Kydex Holster Belt Attachments:

PADDLE ATTACHMENTS (OWB) Kydex Holster Loop Drop Offset



Pancake style Holsters? No.

Viridian Green Laser Instant On: All Custom Light bearing Holsters have the option for ECR (Enhance Combat Readiness). Our ECR is delivered by a (Ni) plated N48 grade Neodymium magnet. Our ECR magnet is permanently fastened to the inside of our holsters using Stainless Steel hardware, instead of glued in and waiting to fall out like all the other guys.