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IWB - Beretta Nano

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Color: BLACK

Belt Attachment: 1.5" CLIP

Belt Attachment Color: BLACK

Cant Angle: 7.5°

Description: SURPLUS

Best Custom Beretta Nano Holster

Product Reviews

Written by Reed on 22nd Sep 2016

Top of the Line

I ordered three different Kydex holsters from DARA: Beretta Nano, SIG P238 and SIG P938 and all were perfect. Fit is good and each handgun is securely held in place. What I think sets these holster apart from others is that they seem to be only as large as they need to be. They removed all the unnecessary material or excess Kydex from the holster. It gives the impression of being a custom fit, which in a way I guess it is. I have some holsters from others and they are all larger and more bulky, not an advantage in an IWB holster. They've removed what you don't need and left only what you do. The only thing I would do differently is to order more of a can't - the are 10 degrees I believe. I wear at 4:00 and prefer a little more tilt. Quality product from a group that appears to be tops in their field.

Written by Juan Castillo on 13th May 2016

Absolutely Best

I ordered a AIWB holster for my Beretta Nano my everyday carry. I wondered all along if holster would be well constructed and comfortable to wear daily. I absolutely enjoy this Holster, I wear daily and is well constructed, no sharp edges, my Nano fits well and the Nano is a heavy weapon but dioesnt feel heavy in holster. I plan to order another in the Carbon Fiber finish. I highly recommend Daras holsters and especially the AIWB, you hardly notice the holster and weapon. Absolutely the best, great construction and not over priced.

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