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Everyone knows about the drawer full of holsters- it's every gun totin' guys rite of passage. Until we stepped in and ended it with our superior IWB Holsters.

Browse our selection of AIWB Holsters for Appendix Carry, IWB Holsters for Hip Carry, Small of Back Holsters for your 6 o'clock and Light/Laser bearing Holsters for your Customized Guns.

  • Each holster is perfectly handcrafted in our shop in North Carolina. Our attention to detail and quality is second to none. Five signature-required quality checks ensure your order goes out exactly the way that you want it. If something's not completely perfect- we'll make it our first priority to fix it for you.
  • At Dara Holsters we cover all the basics- the trigger guard and magazine release button will always be covered!
  • Adjustable retention means you have the power to determine how easy or difficult it is to draw your gun. A Philips head screwdriver is all it takes to adjust the Military Grade Rubber Retention System, present on all Dara Holsters. Included in this system is our Melonite coated hardened steel hardware- precoated in a shock absorbing thread weld so your hardware won't back out on you. Reliability is our #1 priority.
  • Our Custom IWB Holster are designed by you and built by us. You choose your ride height- how your holster will sit on your belt. Want deep concealment? Opt for a low ride. Need to ensure that you get a fast and sure grip? High ride is the way to go.
  • Custom cant angles mean a fully customizable holster.  Carry the way that you want, don't sacrifice by picking from a selection of cookie cutter holsters. Plan to carry cross draw? A reverse cant angle is exactly what you need. If carrying Inside the Waistband at 5 o'clock is how you prefer, a forward cant angle is what you'll want. Most standard IWB Holsters worn at the hip get a 7.5° forward cant- perfect for that position.
  • Have a highly customized firearm? No problem. We can accommodate threaded barrels, suppressor height sights, extended magazine release buttons, slide locks, etc.

Get your Custom IWB Holster from Dara Holsters, the experts in Concealed Carry.

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