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Custom Kydex RMR Cut OWB Holster

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The Custom RMR Cut OWB Holster is designed to accommodate any firearm with a red dot sight mounted to the top of the slide. This holster fits outside the waistband with a minimalist design that leaves no extra material weighing you down. The top of the holster is cut away to clear the optic, leaving everything else covered, including the trigger guard and magazine release button. Does your gun have suppressor height sights that co-witness with your optic? No problem! Care is taken while molding to accommodate most suppressor height sights.

We use superior .093" Boltaron/Kydex for our Holsters, and fasten them with Melonite coated Stainless Steel hardware. All hardware is impervious to rust, leaving you with a reliable holster even in the toughest elements. Each OWB Holster comes with a Military Grade Rubber Retention System, featuring screws pre-coated in a shock absorbing thread weld. No matter how hard you train our Optic cut OWB Holster will remain rock solid- Guaranteed for life!

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Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in fitment issue.

Custom Kydex RMR Cut OWB Holster

Product Reviews

Written by Glen on 19th Nov 2018

Custom Kydex RMR Cut OWB Holster

I ordered this holster because Dara Holsters could custom make a holster with an extra tall sight channel for co-witnessing my red dot sight. Holster works perfectly. No drag on front sight on the draw. Holster made and shipped quickly. Holster is of good quality and works perfectly. Thanks to Dara.

Written by Ron Henry on 17th Nov 2018

Walther Q5 Match 9mm Holster

this holster is exceptionally we'll made and a perfect custom fit for the Walther Q5 Match, mine with a Leopold Deltapoint Pro red dot site, which ;also fits perfectly. these folks really know what they're doing. They are quick to respond to questions or, in my case, updates to what I needed, and are a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend to y best friend. Thanks for a great holster.

Written by DanO on 14th Nov 2018

New Dara Holster

The entire order/build/ship process was just as advertised: professional, informational, and on time. The holster for my FN 509 Tactical w/Vortex Venom MRD arrived within the scheduled due date and was professionally packaged in a sturdy box that will be perfect for storage. The fit and finish of the holster is the best of the many kydex holsters that I've ordered from some of the "best" in the business. The 509 T is captured securely in the holster with an audible click and draws without a hitch. This holster will be used for training and competition and should be in use for a very long time.

Written by Ken on 21st Sep 2018

Kimber KHZ Pro 9mm with red dot

I tried all the major holster makers and none had the holster I wanted. I took a chance and decided to try this company that I had never heard of. I placed my order with several specifics and received it today. It was a perfect fit for my Kimber with suppressor sights and red dot. The holster was perfect and can be adjusted for angled cant and belt sizes too. I give Data holster 5 stars.

Written by Bill Gordon on 16th Sep 2018


I originally had Dara Holsters manufacture a paddle-type left-hand draw holster for my HK VP9SK when HK first made them available and I got my hands on one (couldn't find a holster maker for it except Dara). Then, when I bought my FN 509 Tactical pistol, I had the same result; nobody making a left-hand holster for it. Except Dara! And this time I got a belt attachment and a paddle attachment; first time I put the FN in the holster it fit like a glove, literally no adjustment needed. Both holsters from Dara are outstanding; I recommend them in a heartbeat for any handgun you'll put in a Kydex-type holster. Dara truly shines, and my absolute thanks to them for making my daily carry and range life easier! kydex holster

Written by Matt on 8th Sep 2018

Custom Kydex RMR Cut OWB Holster

Finally! A holster for my FN FNX 45 Tactical! This holster is perfect. It is designed for the suppressor height sights, RMR, and the threaded barrel. This is a big/heavy handgun but the paddle design keeps it glued to my hip. Adjustable tension allowed me to get just the right amount of tension. I am very happy with this product and the customization that was available for this particular handgun. Quality product that was easy to order, arrived quickly, and was priced fairly! If you have an FN FNX 45 Tactical, this is the holster for you, don't think twice.

Written by Ken Faulkner on 5th Sep 2018

Rmr cut holster

I had trouble finding a holster for my sig 320 with an rmr. Yours fit the pistol perfectly. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks.

Written by Kevin McMinn on 2nd Sep 2018

Custom Kydex RMR Cut OWB Holster

I recently purchase a holster for my new Glock 19 MOS from Dara Holsters. I received my holster in only a couple weeks. The holster is awesome and I have already referred your holsters to a few friends. I mainly want to thank Kyle who took my order and convinced me to get the holster cut for suppressor height sights, because 1 week after he took my order I was convinced by friends to change the sights and thanks to Kyle the holster fits. I only wish I would have found Dara Holsters a few years ago. I will definitely be purchasing again from this company! Thanks again guys!!!!!!

Written by Chris on 20th Jul 2018

Kydex Holster

Excellent product at a very reasonable price. I would buy again.

Written by Jay on 2nd Jun 2018

Custom OWB RMR cut

This is my 6th Dara holster. I would not buy a Kydex holster from anyone else. There are more selections for pistol makes, additions and wear locations and angles for Dara than for any other maker. Their website is easy to negotiate, their custom colors are extensive, and the holsters fit perfectly. Their service is immediate and reliable, as well as courteous. Highest recommendations to them.

Written by Ron Batson on 18th Apr 2018

Kydex OWB Holster

First time using this first class company. Extremely impressed with the service first and foremost. The finished product is awesome! I have a Smith & Wesson M&P Pro with rmr. Will most certainly order holsters from this fine company in the future as well.

Written by Martha Murrell on 21st Feb 2018

Kydex RMR Cut OWB Holster for Q5 Match

Holster was a perfect fit right out of the box. Excellent product.

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