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Light bearing Drop Off-Set Duty Holster

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Our Custom Duty OWB Holsters are hand crafted in the USA from .093" Boltaron/Kydex and molded to each firearm for a perfect fit. Our Duty Holster, like all of our products, comes with an adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System. This system allows you to adjust the retention of the holster to your desired holding.


The second level of retention is our ever reliable thumb throw retention system. This system consists of a rotating hood held in the upward position by a molded detent, giving it a similar feel to the tight operating safety on an AR-15 variant rifle. Our thumb throw is a completely manual system with no springs or buttons waiting to break or fall out. These hoods are custom made to your holster, unlike the generic one-size-fits-all ejection molded pieces used on other Duty Holsters.


The drop offset features three points of attachment to our double loop and three points of attachment to the holster, providing the extra stability needed for top performance. This package comes with a double loop, drop offset attachment and your custom Level II Duty Holster.

Light bearing Drop Off-Set Duty Holster

Product Reviews

Written by Chris Shock on 9th Oct 2018

Far exceeds my expectations... and they were alreday high.

So I recently purchased a Glock G17 Gen 5 and put a Streamlight TRL-1 HL on it. Fantastic set up, all I needed was the perfect holster to match. I wanted a holster that gave me comfort, reliability, efficiency, and retention since this is for my "poop hits the fan" set up. I also wanted something that I can actively engage in CQB with and feel secure. I researched for months.. high and low, the commercial injected molded from the fancy companies, to every custom mom and pop shop in a factory or garage. I came across Dara Holsters and immediately liked what I saw, however I couldn't find any reviews for the specific holster I wanted, yet they had many other high review marks. For this I toiled up many nights in bed thinking do 'I take the risk of something newer, or go with old reliable fancy holster?' After much consideration I took the risk and choose the Dara Drop Off Set Duty Holster, not gonna explain or debate why, but it's the most superior way to carry a sidearm into combat, but that's a different forum. However, I wasn't sure of the retention hood, but I liked it was no springs, for the obvious practical reasons of moving parts, and easier for the enemy op to disengage in a hand to hand tussle. I LOVE this holster. The retention, the fit, the cleanliness of the kydex, the off set it perfect, the leg strap is perfect and comfortable and it's nice to have that added counter force to help draw. But the thing I love most... is the hood. It is perfect, clicks down only if pushed in the correct thumb location place. I had my buddies wrestle me and throw me around and try and take the firearm and they couldn't' get the hood down from many various angles. I really like the fit too, it slides in, with the option of adjusting retention. You can easily achieve a great tight fit, with a friction-less draw for those pre-madonnas who like their guns pretty, like me! It has room for dirt and debris to fall out. I highly recommend this holster for anyone looking for the highest quality and functioning holster out today, but doesn't t want a one size fits all solution. Awesome job Dara Holsters! You have a lifelong customer here!

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