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Modular Appendix Rig

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This new Appendix Rig is the most innovative of its kind!

Higher Quality Materials:
Holster is made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron connected to an IWB mag carrier "sidecar" by a flexible PVC coated Nylon segment and fastened using a combination of Melonite coated chrome Molly steel and Black 316 INOX Stainless Steel hardware.

Better Design:
This flexible piece, along with the side car mag carrier, is completely detachable for times when a back up magazine is not necessary. This gives you the option of carrying the AIWB Holster/Mag Carrier Combo without being overburdened by the weight of an additional magazine carrier when you don't need it.

Not only is this rig the most convenient on the market, it is also the most comfortable. The structure of the rig is curved inwards, with it's flexibility allowing it to adjust to any body shape for a comfortable fit. There are no hard edges against the body to cause any discomfort.

Along with the ability to take the additional spare magazine carrier off of the appendix rig, you also have the ability to adjust the ride height of the mag carrier. The mag sidecar can be moved up or down to the desired position of the carrier.

Material covers all the essentials, including the magazine release and trigger, as any holster should. Also featured is our Adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System that allows you to adjust the retention with a Philip's head screwdriver.

Lifetime Warranty!

Have a light or laser attachment? Check out our Light bearing Modular Appendix Rig!

Disclaimer: We understand that this set up is not ideal for reloading your magazine, nor is it the most concealable way to carry your firearm for some body types. This Holster and Mag Carrier Combination has been requested several times, which is why we have now put the rig up for sale. The lead time for all custom orders applies to this product.

How to Order:

Start by choosing your firearm model. We have two drop down menus that list each Manufacturer and Model in alphabetical order. If you don't see your firearm, we may not have that model available just yet. You can contact Customer Support to see if your model is available.

Holster Color:
The next step is choosing your Holster Color. We do provide swatches on the order form, but larger pictures can be found on our FAQ page here.

Draw Hand:
Choose how you'd like to carry the holster.

Belt Attachment:
Choose your desired belt attachment from the drop down menu, along with the corresponding belt size. 1.5" is the most common belt size. 1.75" is most common for tactical belts, and 2"-2.25" is common for duty belts.

Ride Height:
This is how your holster and firearm will sit in relation to the belt, vertically. A low ride height put the grip of the gun lower in the belt line. Be careful with a low ride height, as the grip of the firearm can become buried easily with a reverse cant angle. A mid ride height, which is the most common, will put the top of the belt in line with where the trigger guard meets the frame. The high ride height will put the holster higher up on the belt, giving you a full grip. To see the ride height and cant angle chart, scroll through the product pictures.

Cant Angles:
We offer many different cant angles conducive to every carry method. If you plan to carry at 12 o'clock, you'll want to choose a straight draw (0° cant). The forward cant angle tilts the grip up and forward and the muzzle backwards. A reverse cant angle tilts the grip down and back, the muzzle forward, or towards the opposite of your draw hand.

Custom Notes / Photo Upload:
This is where you'll want to bring any customizations up. We need to know about switched magazine release buttons, extended mag release buttons, suppressor height sights and other such modifications.

Lifetime Warranty.


  • 5
    Modular Appendix Rig for SR9c

    Posted by Jeremy W on 20th Mar 2019

    I was in the market for some kind of appendix rig for my Ruger SR9c. I have been searching for a company that made an appendix rig for the SR9c and couldn't find a single company that made holsters for my particular firearm. I came across Dara Holsters and saw that they made an appendix rig for the firearm that I carry. So I saved up the money and ordered it. I knew I had to wait out the lead time because it was considered a custom order but I was willing to wait.

    I just received the holster earlier today (3/20/2019) and immediately put my gun and my spare magazine in it, put it on my belt and ran a few errands with it on. It is a bit different feel, but I am sure that I will get used to it soon. The holster itself is very comfortable. Nothing on the holster pokes me anywhere on my body and the clip is nice, sturdy and tight so it doesn't move around while I move. I have not tested the retention on it yet, but straight out of the box, the retention is good. I do want to tighten it very slightly but I am still very impressed. The only gripe I would have about this holster is the price. But I will not let that little thing take a star away because I know Dara Holsters takes pride in their work and I think it is VERY well worth every penny.

    Great product! I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Very comfortable holster

    Posted by Russell on 9th Jan 2019

    I recieved this holster recently after a quick build/ship time over the recent holiday.

    The holster is well made with quality parts.
    I own quite a few holsters from a number of companies, this one in particular is by far my favorite.

    I had the holster made for my Sig P320 subcompact and it fits like a glove. The retention is fantastic with a little adjustment, just don't forget your blue loctite.

    The belt hook is made of high quality polymer and is very snug. I did loosen the retaining screws a little as my carry belt is thicker than most, but the included rubber bushings keep it from moving at all. Again, loctite is a must with almost all holsters.

    The side mounted mag carrier is perfectly sized for the p320 magazine and ia canted in a way that makes it both easy to draw from and comfortable.

    This is the first appendix holster that I can comfortably drive while wearing, and tie my shoes in!

    All in all a very well made quality holster that will see years of use, I plan to buy one for my glock 19 as well.

    Being based in NC it feels good to support a local business.

  • 5
    FNX40 Modular Rig

    Posted by Jeremy on 24th Aug 2018

    This holster is everything that I expected/wanted it to be. It fits great and is of superior quality. The claw does exactly what I was looking for in pulling the grip inward towards my body for better concealment.

    If I had one thing negative to say it would be that I wish the clip that attaches to the belt could be moved up or down just like the mag carrier. I do not like how close the grip is to my belt which makes it harder to get a full hand on while drawing. This is not a big deal and with practice will not matter but it is noticable at first.

    Thank you Dara Holsters! This is my favorite holster to date.

  • 5
    Convenient and High-quality

    Posted by Andrew on 3rd Feb 2018

    Was a little curious how the wedge would be applied to the holster, but once I actually tried it out I was convinced. Nice, clean, high quality finish and durability.

  • 5
    Review of modular appendix rig

    Posted by Mike Luna on 13th Aug 2017

    The modular appendix rig worked out perfect! The quality, fit, finish, and comfort is great! Thank you guys at DARA HOLSTERS & GEAR for a job well done!!!

  • 5
    Appendix Carry holster

    Posted by Jeff Riddick on 31st Jul 2017

    Great holster and comfortable to carry the Sig P320 compact. Works great and easy access

  • 5
    Absolute Quality: Modular Appendix Rig

    Posted by James on 30th Dec 2016

    I am so impressed by this holster system. I have had other holster systems, but the quality of the holster thickness was awful. I ended up taking those other holsters back to the store. One of the salesmen at a local store told me, "you will have a lot of holsters in the bottom of your closet as you try and find the one you like." I flatly disagree with that thought process. With Dara, the gun fitment even accounted for sight clearance and the enlarged magazine release button on my gun. The gun doesn't fall out when turned upsidedown and shaken. Believe me I tried, ha! The draw pull against the kydex is light and quick. Thats the first thing I realized after putting it on. So impressed by that! I have a little investment on me and the appendix rig doesn't hurt when seated or moving to get up. I did have the wedge put in on my rig. I think it helps to eliminate the concerning high point of the handle of the gun in printing. I was pretty concerned about that. It would be nice to say that it doesn't print entirely, but there is a very slight high point. I fault my little investment on this more than the holster. The holster rig is also reasonably priced, made in the USA with USA materials. With pride I feel I have purchased and supported from one American to Another a "USA company" with Dara. Thats huge for me! I like how Dara as a company employs men and women. I saw a picture of some of the employees doing work getting the shipments ready. Upon arrival the build sheet where each employee signed off on the process they performed: I felt like they had really worked hard to show me their skills in the build process for my holster. What I am getting at is the quality, the workmanship, the company values stack up and show in the end result with me the consumer. I couldn't be more impressed by Dara Holsters. Thank you so much!

  • 5
    Amazing rig

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Nov 2016

    With a draw full of holsters of all shapes and styles, this modular appendix unit with attached magazine holder is absolutely perfect. I am in the plumbing trade and need to be in tight places sometimes along with lots of walking with materials and tools. This rig stays put and conceals amazing with all day comfort. Perfect holster for my newly acquired Walther PPS M2. I might be adding one for my Glock 26 very soon.

  • 5
    By far the best AIWB/IWB holster out there

    Posted by Andrew Schlottman on 14th Oct 2016

    I can't count how many different rigs I've tried over the years for concealed carry. Looking at this you would think it would be uncomfortable but that is not the case with this little bad boy. It doesn't pinch when you bend over and is even comfy while sitting down. You get what you pay for, craftsmanship is superb and the fit around my 27 is nuts on. Will definetely be ordering another for a different firearm in the future.