MTO Light Bearing OWB Holster

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Quick Shipping Light bearing OWB Holster - Level 1 Retention


-Our MTO Light bearing OWB Holsters are hand crafted in the USA from .093" Boltaron and molded precisely to each firearm for a perfect fit. 

-Light bearing OWB Holsters now come standard equipped to accommodate slide mounted optics and suppressor height sights.

-Features an adjustable Rubber Retention System. Our rubber retention system was designed by us for use specifically with our holsters. Able to hold the most minute adjustments, this advanced system eliminates the need for loctite or any other thread locking substance.

-Our OWB Holsters come standard attached to our advanced Double Loop Belt System. 

-The Double Loop attachment fits 1.5"-2.25" belts. The belt width is adjustable and eliminates the need to purchase multiple attachments for different belts. The double loop also allows for ride height and cant angle adjustment. 

-Holster is adaptable to drop offset attachment.

-Features Light/Laser compatibility, options found in drop down menu.

Please note: Our hole pattern is proprietary and meant only for use with our own attachments.


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Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in a fitment issue.

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