PLEASE NOTE: As of May 2020, some holsters may come with an optic cut out. To verify if your model will come pre-cut, please contact Customer Support.

Slick Side AIWB Holster - Appendix Inside the Waistband Holster

MTO Slick Side AIWB Holster

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Made to Order Slick Side AIWB Holster w/Claw - Ships in 2 Days or less!

Fits Inside the Waistband at the 12 o'clock Appendix Carry Position for either Right or Left Hand Shooter. Comes standard with an Adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System, as well as a Lifetime no BS Warranty!

The Slick Side Holster Specs:

  • Black .093" Boltaron/Kydex Material
  • Comes with a removable Claw to Tuck Grip In and Prevent Printing
  • 1.5" or 1.75" Slim, Tuckable Clip
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Cant Angle (15° Forward & Reverse Cant)
  • Full Sweat Shield
  • Protective Muzzle Wrap
  • Covered Mag Release and Trigger Guard
  • Lifetime Warranty!

PLEASE NOTE: This holster has a HIGH ride height, the only ride height able to be executed with the claw attachment that will allow you to properly access your grip. We cannot make the Slick Side any lower, due to the claw.


My Pistol is Suppressor Ready, will it fit this holster?

Yes! Please let us know in the Custom Notes section that your pistol is suppressor ready and we will accommodate your taller sights and threaded barrel.

I have an Optic, will this holster work?

We can make it work! Please call in to place an order, so we can adjust the price and properly note the work order.

I would like a different belt attachment, can I get the holster made with another clip?

No, we have other holster options for that, such as our MTO AIWB Holster.

Is the Claw removable?

Yes, all you'll need is a screw driver. But to ensure holster integrity without the claw, you'll need rubber grommets to place between the tuckable clip and holster.

I have the Tactical/Omega version of a pistol listed in the drop down menu.

Please let us know in the Custom Notes section so we can ensure a perfect fit!

My carry gun is not listed on your drop down menu, what do I do?

Please contact us to see if there are any options. Sometimes we are able to make it work.

This Holster comes with a Full, Lifetime Warranty. Should anything happen to this holster, please contact us and we will fix or replace this holster, free of charge. Please choose your exact firearm. If your firearm is not listed, please contact us to see if we are able to manufacture a holster for you. DO NOT put a different firearm model or any lights/lasers in the Custom Notes section. That section is for listing after market modifications that are not listed in the order form options, such as extended slide locks, model variants (ie: CZ P-01 Omega version), etc. For any questions related to the order form, please see our FAQ section for our Frequently Asked Questions.

34 Reviews

  • 4
    Good holster

    Posted by William on 10th Jan 2021

    This is my first AIWB holster so I have nothing to compare it to. Good craftsmanship, smooth edges and really good retention. I would definitely recommend Dara holsters!

  • 5

    Posted by Nils on 12th Dec 2020

    This holster is my first ever holster. I have a slim athletic build and can easily conceal my CZ-P10C. This holster is extremely comfortable, extremely durable, and well made! Very happy with my purchase, and glad to know this company backs their products with a lifetime warranty! I would suggest a very good gun belt for edc. Also, I have found a thinner belt is easier to manipulate the holster, however, the holster works just fine on my quarter inch thick belt as well! Thank you Dara for a quality belt!

  • 5
    Got here on time

    Posted by Rick on 13th Nov 2020

    Product for my Walther PPQ M2 Q5 match poly. Loved it ,was worried that it was not going to look like what was on picture but it looks just the same. Fits my gun perfect came to me in 4 business days. Sits kinda high on me but was infomed about it before purchase. Would recommend for Walther owners. Mines was the regular black. Took me for ever to find a nice looking holster like this. The only set back is that it's pretty large and the rubber gasket that connects two sides of holster was ripped. Dont know why they didn't see it. Wish I could take pic and show but other then that I really like it. DARA: Hi Rick, We couldn't find an order associated with this review, so please reach out to us and we will happily send you another set of retention hardware to replace the part you have. Furthermore, we do have attachments that can drop your holster a bit from the belt if that is something that you're looking for!

  • 5
    MTO Slick Side AIWB

    Posted by Russ Colombaro on 11th Sep 2020

    This holster is perfect. Quality is top notch. Delivery was way faster than I expected which was very cool. I will definitely be buying more from DARA.

  • 5
    Best AIWB

    Posted by Patrick on 14th Aug 2020

    This is the 3rd Slick Slide holster I have ordered, but the first one with an optics cut. Fit and finish is perfect as always I am really enjoying the new adjustable claw design. The optics cut is well designed and provides some protection/shielding.

  • 5
    Very nice company and product

    Posted by Sean C. on 21st Aug 2019

    This company has it figured out, and I'm sure they will continue to prosper. From the ordering process to the package being delivered, everything has been well thought out. The holster is very well made, extremely comfortable, and conceals very well. The claw really works and does not interfere in any way. I will be ordering more, looking at their car mounts as we speak, lol.

  • 5
    Best holster so far

    Posted by John R on 25th Jul 2019

    After trying a few different brands, I found what I was looking for. Awesome price, perfect fit & finish, comfortable and very low profile, covers the whole trigger guard and mag release. Also very impressed with the customer service. Will definitely stick to Dara holsters from now on.

  • 5
    excellent holdster

    Posted by Gabe S on 25th Jun 2019

    I bought one for my Kahr K9 a year ago. i carry it every day. extremely comfortable, safe, secure holdster. makes an audible click and holds snug. im medium frame and the k9 conceals easily with a t shirt. i bought another one for my hk p2000 and it performs the same. being a larger gun it is not as easily concealed. excellent product.

  • 5
    Absolutely what you need

    Posted by Ray K on 12th Jun 2019

    I've maintained a CCH permit for years, I've carried in all variations/configurations. I probably own 10-12 holsters. This AIWB is by far my daily carry go to holster for the S&W M&P Shield. There are zero complaints, there is no printing with the claw, and I wear appendix even with form fitting shirts.

  • 5
    Dara Slick Side holster for appendix carry

    Posted by Mike Medina on 9th May 2019

    I tried several name holsters before settling on the Dara Slick Side. I wear dress pants and needed a holster that would stay put and concealed even if I tuck my shirt in. I didnt want the hybrids that have 2 clips and take up a lot of real estate. The holster stays put, is comfortable and conceals nicely. The claw wasn't working for the type of dress pants I wear so I removed it and used a heel pad hack. I recommend the Dara for those of us who want to carry appendix and need to wear business dress either tucked or untucked.

  • 5
    Little to no printing - good retention out of the box.

    Posted by Brandon on 8th May 2019

    First holster I feel comfortable carrying with. Aliengear was okay, but I always worried about printing when carrying around 4 o'clock and couldn't bend over without the grip catching my shirt. Also considered the minimalist but this looked more secure. Very little to no printing. I would recommend it to anyone who takes trigger discipline seriously and realizes it's not a race to reholster the gun. Taurus PT140 G2 and I'm 5'11'' ~185lbs.

  • 5
    MTO Slick Side AIWB Holster

    Posted by KERK on 30th Apr 2019

    Recently purchased this for my Springfield EMP-4 Contour Carry. It is very well made and fits the firearm nicely. Have not carried it yet, but very happy with the product.

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