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Custom Kydex OWB Holster

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Custom Kydex Outside the Waistband Holster. This OWB Holster sits close to the belt with zero movement, as every open carry holster should. Made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron, using Melonite and Zinc finished hardened steel hardware, our materials are far superior than our competition. Each holster comes with a Military grade rubber retention system, as well as a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. This holster is NOT meant to be concealable. It can be concealed depending on the type of firearm you have, under a shirt. But that is not the purpose of the holster.

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Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in fitment issue.


How to Order:


Start by choosing your firearm model. We have two drop down menus that list each Manufacturer and Model in alphabetical order. If you don't see your firearm, we may not have that model available just yet. You can contact Customer Support to see if your model is available.


Holster Color:
The next step is choosing your Holster Color. We do provide swatches on the order form, but larger pictures can be found on our FAQ page here.


Draw Hand:
Choose how you'd like to carry the holster. If you plan to carry using a method not listed on the drop down menu, please see if your specific carry method is listed under the 'SHOP HOLSTERS' section on the main menu at the top of the page.


Belt Attachment:
Choose your desired belt attachment from the drop down menu, along with the corresponding belt size. 1.5" is the most common belt size. 1.75" is most common for tactical belts, and 2"-2.25" is common for duty belts.


Ride Height:
This is how your holster and firearm will sit in relation to the belt, vertically. A low ride height put the grip of the gun lower in the belt line. Be careful with a low ride height, as the grip of the firearm can become buried easily with a reverse cant angle. A mid ride height, which is the most common, will put the top of the belt in line with where the trigger guard meets the frame. The high ride height will put the holster higher up on the belt, giving you a full grip. To see the ride height and cant angle chart, scroll through the product pictures.


Cant Angles:
We offer many different cant angles conducive to every carry method. If you plan to carry at the hip, you'll want to choose a straight draw (0° cant) or forward cant angle. The forward cant angle tilts the grip up and forward and the muzzle backwards. If you want to carry crossdraw, you'll need to choose a reverse cant angle, which tilts the grip down and back, the muzzle forward.


Custom Notes / Photo Upload:
This is where you'll want to bring any customizations up. We need to know about switched magazine release buttons, extended mag release buttons, suppressor height sights and other such modifications.


Custom OWB Holster for the Glock 17 in Black Leather Texture

Product Reviews

Written by Bob on 22nd Nov 2018

Kydex owb

This is my 2nd Dara holster. Just like the 1st, fit and finish are perfect. Takes a bit of trial and error to get the retention just right. All in all these are the best owb holsters around. 5 stars!

Written by Mike Seybold on 20th Nov 2018

Own holster

Great product!!

Written by Ty B on 9th Nov 2018

Kydex OWB Holster - Sig P365

Gorgeous holster. Fit an finish are top of the line. Great coverage of trigger guard. Stays snug to the body and extremely comfortable. Most importantly. No “pitch yaw or roll” to the holster if you’re using a good belt. No floppiness at all. Great retention, great draw. Can’t speak enough about how happy I am with the holster. Already owned a Dara AIWB holster for the P365 and loved it. Returned to Dara for OWB for winter months and not surprisingly, they exceeded expectation. Highly recommend.

Written by Patrick O'Keefe on 7th Sep 2018

OWB Holster

I purchased a Custom Kydex holster for a CZ P10c. When ordering it, I opted for the Leather texture. Upon receiving the holster, I was impressed with the way it fit the gun, and very impressed with the leather look that it has. From start to finish, my dealing with this company was excellent, as is the product. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. Very pleased with my purchase!!

Written by Mark Meyers on 6th Sep 2018

Kydex Custom OWB Holster for Walther PPQ

I'm very impressed with the overall quality, look, functionality, and feel of the holster. I liked the ability to customize the holster to fit my needs. Overall I would rate the holster 5 stars and would highly recommend buying a Dara holster.

Written by Herb on 5th Sep 2018

Custom owb

2nd custom owb holster I’ve ordered. Extremely pleased with both. Quality, fit and finish are superb. Sarah in customer service was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend Dara holsters.

Written by Big Bob on 30th Aug 2018

OWB holster

My 1st Dara Holster, but will NOT be my last! Could not be happier with this holster. I own lots of kydex holsters, but this is my favorite. Good fit, secure belt attachment, good friction retention, perfect color match for my 19X. Glad I found Dara.

Written by Bob on 10th Aug 2018

Custom kydex holster for M&P Shield

Looks great, holds weapon securely. Probably the best owb holster I've owned. Only regret is I wish I had ordered brown.

Written by Airen Hayes on 2nd Aug 2018

Kydex OWB

Very well made. Satisfied with my purchase.

Written by Keith Schieler on 19th Jul 2018

OWB Kydex Holster

This is a great company. I have two of their holsters and they are well made, sturdy and fit the guns exceptionally well. There are points that are adjustable if the retention is too loose or tight. Once set to the level you like, it stays there. Shipping was quick for a custom made item. The most recent purchase was for a Sig P365. The OWB holster is balanced and comfortable, i recommend Dara Holsters for EDC.

Written by James on 19th Jul 2018

Custom OWB WALTHER PPX holster

This is a sturdy, well made all American product. My firearm fits very well inside the holster. I even tried holding it upside down and really shaking the crap out of it to get the firearm to fall out (in a safe manner of course). Nothing. Couldn’t get the gun to come out. So great product, looks great, feels comfortable, and of course all proud to support American businesses that supply American jobs.

Written by Peter Bradford on 6th Jul 2018

Custom Kydex OWB Holster

I ordered this holster for my new Gen 5 Glock 19. This is actually my second Glock holster from them. I went with black leather texture material for this holster just for something a little different from my first one. Both holsters are simply superb pieces of first quality craftsmanship and I cannot envision any other company capable of out doing their work, ever. The molding is absolutely perfect, the edges are carefully smoothed and blended and the hardware is industrial grade. Both holsters have a slight flare at the top which is also flawless, as is the slight muzzle wrap. These are a far cry for injection molded cookie cutter holsters cranked out by the thousands by...um everybody else. Bestest by far was the fact I got it in under 10 DAYS (not weeks). While they are pricey compared to the IM holsters you get a very nice holster with FANTASTIC quality and customer service econd to none. Buy One (or two) !!

Condition: New
Width: 6.00
Height: 9.00
Depth: 4.00
Gift wrapping: Options available
Warranty: LIFE TIME, NO B.S.
Military or LE? Let us know before you order!: Thanks!