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SHIELD 4" IWB Holster (9mm)

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The Ultimate IWB Concealment Holster for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 4" 9mm

This holster is the BEST IWB Holster for anyone who intends to conceal carry the M&P Shield 4" 9mm. Made with .093" thick material constructed of purpose blended polymers, our rugged holster will outperform any on the market. 

Adjustable retention allows the carrier to set their desired resistence in seconds with a Philips head screwdriver. The Military grade rubber retention system is specifically designed by us to work with our holster specs. Able to hold the most minute adjustments, our retention system is tried & true, resulting in that audible "click" when fully seated.

Our patented Curved Clip™ Technology hugs the belt and heeps your holster closer to the body than any other holster clip on the market. The Curved Clip™ is designed to mimic the curve of the waistline, offering 100% clip-to-belt contact anywhere on the belt. 


  • Full sweat shield 
  • 7.5° Forward Cant Angle best suited for carrying at 3-5 o'clock
  • 1.5" Curved Clip
  • Rounded & Polished edges for comfort
  • Robust .093" material for durability keeps it's shape for better concealment
  • Adjustable Retention lets you set your resstence preference
This is for the Single Stack SHIELD, not the M2.0 4" Compact