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Custom Small of Back Holster Palm In

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The Custom Kydex Small of Back Inside the Waistband Holster (Palm In) is intended to be worn at the 5-6 o'clock position for right hand draw, and 6-7 o'clock position for left hand draw. This holster is for those that intend to have a palm in draw as shown below.

All holsters are 100% handmade in the USA using .093" Kydex/Boltaron and fastened using Melonite coated Stainless Steel hardware. All products come with an adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System, and well as a lifetime Warranty!


How to Order:


Start by choosing your firearm model. We have two drop down menus that list each Manufacturer and Model in alphabetical order. If you don't see your firearm, we may not have that model available just yet. You can contact Customer Support to see if your model is available.


Holster Color:
The next step is choosing your Holster Color. We do provide swatches on the order form, but larger pictures can be found on our FAQ page here.


Draw Hand:
Choose how you'd like to carry the holster. If you plan to carry using a method not listed on the drop down menu, please see if your specific carry method is listed under the 'SHOP HOLSTERS' section on the main menu at the top of the page.


Belt Attachment:
Choose your desired belt attachment from the drop down menu, along with the corresponding belt size. 1.5" is the most common belt size. 1.75" is most common for tactical belts, and 2"-2.25" is common for duty belts.


Ride Height:
This is how your holster and firearm will sit in relation to the belt, vertically. A low ride height put the grip of the gun lower in the belt line. Be careful with a low ride height, as the grip of the firearm can become buried easily with a reverse cant angle. A mid ride height, which is the most common, will put the top of the belt in line with where the trigger guard meets the frame. The high ride height will put the holster higher up on the belt, giving you a full grip. To see the ride height and cant angle chart, scroll through the product pictures.


Cant Angles:
We offer many different cant angles conducive to every carry method. If you plan to carry at the hip, you'll want to choose a straight draw (0° cant) or forward cant angle. The forward cant angle tilts the grip up and forward and the muzzle backwards. If you want to carry crossdraw, you'll need to choose a reverse cant angle, which tilts the grip down and back, the muzzle forward.


Custom Notes / Photo Upload:
This is where you'll want to bring any customizations up. We need to know about switched magazine release buttons, extended mag release buttons, suppressor height sights and other such modifications.


Custom Small of Back Holster Palm In

Product Reviews

Written by Travis on 14th Nov 2018

SOB Palm in holster

This holster fits a previously untapped niche. When placing the order, I left a note asking if it could be made tuckable. The holster showed up four days later...tuckable. Very comfortable way to carry. Thank you for such good, custom work.

Written by Eddie Slowe on 24th May 2018

Custom Small of Back Holster Palm In

I purchased the custom small of back holster palm in April. The holster looks and feels great. It also fits well inside my waistband and feel fairly comfortable while sitting. For me this is my first style like this so I'll need to get used to it. The retention screws adjust with no issues. In my particular case there was an initial issue with the production and it was fixed and shipped almost within the guidelines set by the company which are stated on the web page in the shipping part. It wasn't a major deal so just be aware if it happens it will be fixed and they do let you know if there is an issue and stay in contact to let you know it's back on track. For that slight inconvenience I was given a very high quality t-shirt they also sell. I do suggest reading the shipping time line so you know how to order and have your product when you want/need it. The website has all the information you need and great staff that actually answer your questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company and it's products. The "Made in America" is the best part of the whole purchase.

Written by John on 10th Jun 2017

Looks uncomfortable, but feels great!

I was looking for alternative carry methods. My usual is IWB at 4 oclock. But during the summer, that's just not adequate. Imprints through tshirts. Even with my Glock 42. So I started to carry in cargo pocket carry. Well that works until I have to walk a lot. Then is rubs my skin off. So I decided to try SOB IWB. When I received the holster, I was a bit worried cause it felt so knobby. But when worn in the 5-6 oclock position, it is very comfortable. In my truck, it's as comfortable as my traditional IWB. I'm a fan. Looks like have to buy that drop rig they sell. Looks perfect for hunting/backpacking.

Written by Mike Cullison on 10th Mar 2017

unbelievable quality and attebtion to detail.

After purchasing a few "custom made" holsters with Great disappointment and quality from other manufactures, I came across Dara. Something felt Right about what this company promoted and how their holsters appeared. I received updates on progress as holster was entering the mold phase. Once the holster arrived I literally was amazed that a company took the time to check, recheck then recheck again prior to shipping. This holster exceeds my expectations and the commitment to customer service & quality is second to none. I will outfit all my CCW's with Dara products and freely promote what this company does. You will not be disappointed and the lead time wait is FULLY worth it to receive exactly what you ordered. A new customer for life here! Thanks Mike C

Written by undefined on 25th Jan 2017

Dara where your handgun rests.

It is all I hoped for. Form, fit, function. It is all that. Now if I could get a carbon fiber Glock to match the holster that would really complete the set up. That's an idea, you guys need to get with Glock. The new "Darock" handgun line!

Written by Doug Pacot on 18th Dec 2016

Great Product !!!

Out of the box loved the quality changed it to the J hook because that's what I had ordered. I loved the different choices when ordering Small of Back, 30 degree cant, low profile it all worked for me ! I will recommend it to anyone I come across I already have on a M&P site on Facebook . Thank for the quality workmanship, I hope I never have to use it but am now properly prepared if need be !!!

Written by TA on 28th Oct 2016

Worth the Price!

Overall, I have only owned this holster for about a week (after an extensive turn around time) and despite the wait and the price this holster was WORTH IT. Seriously, you get what you pay/wait for and I am more than satisfied with my purchase. The retention is customization and easy to adjust, the light enabling functionality works perfectly and the positioning on my body/sweatguard is more than ideal. After 1 week I am ecstatic about this holster.

Written by Bert W on 28th Sep 2016

Worth the. wait.

I ordered this custom holster to replace my leather IWB holster. The leather holster I own has a stiff metal ring at the mouth that doesn't stay open when worn properly under a belt. It's impossible to reholster my pistol with the leather one. My Dara holster works as advertised and the quality is better then expected for the price I paid. I practiced drawing the pistol and reholstering .I must say I only missed the holster once out of 10 try's. I am very pleased with this holster.

Written by undefined on 17th Sep 2016

Excellent Product.

My spec: IWB, Small Of Back (6 O'Clock), Right Hand Palm-In Draw, 30° Angle, Low Ride Height, Glock 43. Fit and finish is excellent, obviously hand-finished by a craftsman. The Polish/Melt job on the edges is wonderful. Retention is flawless, no issues with running and jumping and otherwise intentionally trying to jounce the weapon loose. The belt loop is strong and clasps my belt well, taking a moment of concentration to free it from the belt. I reccomend buying several belt clips, one in each size to match to your belts. I chose "Low Ride Height" to maximise concealment in light clothing (T-Shirt). My observation so far; When standing, Ride Height choice has minimum effect on concealability of my short-frame single-track G43. When sitting, the toe of the grip (which rides pointing upward) is leveraged outward. I will consider ordering again, changing only "Ride Height" to experiment and observe the trade-off between concealability and the presentation of the grip for drawing. Carrying at the 6'Oclock position and covered only by a T-Shirt, I haven't had an issue with being "Made" yet. I would also be interested in a 45° cant angle, which I believe would work well for the 6'Oclock, palm-in draw. Unfortunately, that is not available at current time. I will buy from Dara again in the future, and will recommend them to friends/family. The wait time for my order was 6 weeks.

Written by Taylor on 24th Aug 2016

Exactly What I Was Looking For

I got this holster for my Sig P320c with a TLR3 tac light. I couldn't find one other company that could make a holster for this gun to also accommodate a light. I randomly found this company online and they were able to make the holster I wanted. I've been using a kydex holster made in some dude's garage and it was crap, but it was my only option so I used it. Wish I would've found this company a long time ago. Only suggestion is they should do some advertising!

Written by Russ S on 9th May 2016

S&W shield 9mm SOB holster

i had to put those other holsters in the proverbial drawer. this is a great holster and the price is reasonable for the product quality. you DO get what you pay for and the six week wait,so what, you have to wait 365 days for X-mas to come around again too. I have the armalaser and this was the only company that could make what i wanted. did I say the tension adjustment is perfect for those of us old LEO's that need to get that sucker out easier.my next one will be for my old 1911A1 .45. thanks folks.

Written by undefined on 14th Jan 2016

Best sob holster.

Excellent in every way. Perfect fit, edges polished, easily adjustable.

Condition: New
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Warranty: LIFETIME