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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Please Read Return Policy)

Thank you for choosing Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc. Your business is very much appreciated.

Please check over your order to ensure all of the details are correct. Our technicians will manufacture the holster exactly as it is ordered. If you have chosen any options on the order form, your order is considered a CUSTOM HOLSTER and is subject to the Custom Holster lead time and zero return policy.

Custom Holster Lead Time: 1 week

Common Mistakes:

Incorrect Firearm

For Example: if you have a M&P Shield, you need to select M&P Shield NOT the M&P Compact. M&P Compact is a completely different firearm. We can only guarantee a perfect fit for the exact firearm listed on the drop down menu.

Incorrect Firearm Details

For Example: If your exact firearm model is not listed, that means that we do not offer that exact model. If you have the M&P C.O.R.E. and select the regular M&P model firearm, the holster will not fit your gun without checking YES to Suppressor Height Sights. We do not know what firearm you have, so please ensure you've given us as many details as possible. We will not be held accountable for fitment issues, due to mistakes made during the ordering process.

Another Example: If you have the OMEGA version CZ model, please let us know on the order form. These models are different from the standard models and the holsters are not compatible.

If you have a Slide Mounted Optic, please select the appropriate Optic Cut Holster. The Glock MOS models come optic-ready from the factory, however that does not mean we automatically assume you have an optic mounted. Please be sure to choose an optic cut holster and let us know if you've put on Suppressor Height / Co-wtiness Sights.

If you have a Light or Laser mounted to your firearm, please select the appropriate Light/Laser bearing Holster. If your exact configuration is not listed, we do not yet offer that combination. The holster is molded to the exact configuration listed, any light/laser cannot be substituted for another model. If you do not have the exact model listed on the order form, your holster may not fit correctly. Please verify fitment before continuing on to checkout as each Light/Laser bearing Holster is non refundable.


If your compensator does not exceed the width/height of your firearm in any way, we should have no problem accommodating it. Sometimes we are able to accommodate the comp within the holster, however most often we will leave the muzzle open for it to pass through the bottom. Please let us know your preference on the order form and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Return Policy:

Custom Holsters are non returnable, non refundable and ineligible for any exchanges.

Any order/holster that has options is considered a custom order/holster.

All "MTO" Holsters are returnable within 30 days of purchase, however a 20% materials fee will be applied to the order.

All in-stock Quick Ship Holsters (no options) are returnable within 30 days, no fee is charged.

All returned holsters will be thoroughly checked before a refund is processed to ensure there is no damage to the holster.


If there is an issue with your order resulting from a mistake made by our team, we will gladly fix the issue or replace the holster as quickly as possible. However, if a mistake is made on the order form and it is not caught within the 1 week lead time, the holster will not be eligible for a return/refund. Please check over your order before continuing on to checkout.


By checking this box, you are acknowledging the Custom Order Lead Time, our Terms & Conditions and ensuring that your order is correct to the best of your knowledge.